My Dating And Relationship Podcast With Chantal Heide - Canada’s Dating Coach

THE NOT SO SECRET SECRETS Men Want You To Know -With Guests!

November 27, 2019

This show was a wild free for all.

Okay, so this show was SUPER fun. This show was off the rails so many times and it was AWESOME. I think you should come on sometime. I talk to a man about those things men wished women knew (that would actually make her life better,) then get my husband on the speakerphone WHILE HE'S IN A HYBERPARIC TANK. I have the owner/operator of #HarmonyWellnessCollective make an appearance and share what she's created. And I have Mara, one of our Healers who combines RMT into his practice give us more tips about a Man's mind. It was a pretty wild night!

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