Relationship Challenge Step 6 - Make Love a Verb, + Why Do I Keep Dating Addicts?

July 20, 2018

Once you figure out your love languages, it's time to put them into effect! Plus, we answer a listener question about why she's attracted to men with addiction issues.

Girl Talk With Jennifer Campbell at 570 News - Relationship Challenge Step 4! Detaching Your Emotional Roller Coaster From Other People’s Rides

May 8, 2018

In step 4 of our Relationship Challenge I teach you that's it's not only okay, it's actually ideal to detach emotionally so you can get your own feelings cleared. 

Pot Party! Myself and three guests discuss 4 topics!

April 17, 2018

What's a Pot Party? It's what happens when you get a group of friends, a bowl, paper and pens, and let loose with whatever is on your mind. Anything can go into the Pot, and you never know what you'll hear.

Today, Jessica Zinger, Jessica Carron, Justin Pellen, and myelf answer four questions:

1) Is it really necessary to know everything about your partners previous relationships?

2) How do you feel about terms of endearment?

3) #MeToo #TimesUp Movement... How do you feel about it? What are the next steps?

4) Meditation in schools... Will it help towards discipline and violence, and should it be a mandatory part of the curriculum?

Girl Talk With Jennifer Campbell at 570 News - Relationship Challenge Month 3! How to Release Negative Emotions

March 20, 2018

Step 3 of your Relationship Challenge helps you move your emotions so they don't stay stuck. If you don't let out the bad, there won't be room for Goodness! How can you let out all the backed up negative feelings filling you up, and be sure you can tap into the positive ones you need to have? Listen to Jennifer and I hash it out!

Relationship Challenge Step 2 - With Jennifer Campbell @ 570 News

February 21, 2018

How does meditation change you? How do you deal with people who notice you're not engaging in their negative behaviours anymore? And how can you create a naturally positive brain? We answer all those questions and more! 

Valentines Day Edition 2018 - Charles Adler Tonight

February 15, 2018

I talk with Mike Smyth at Global in Vancouver on the Charles Adler Show! We get into do's and dont's of dating and sparking a connection, how to deal with Valentine's Day when your partner hates it, and how to have more fun on Valentine's Day! Plus, a ton more. 

Girl Talk With Jennifer Campbell at 570 News - Relationship Challenge Month 1!

February 2, 2018

Are you up for feeling better about a relationship with someone, anyone, even youself? Then follow along with my Relationship Challenge and take each step towards feeling amazing!

This month we rewire your brain, putting you in the optimal position to create the deep peace and love you want. We're going to shrink your fight or flight, and increase your positive self talk and compassion. Ready? Let's go!

Girl Talk With 570 News - 7 Negative Emotions That’ll Kill Your Relationship

December 20, 2017

There's a clearly recognizable emotional loop that takes place when you let negative feelings run unchecked. Learn how that loop starts, so you'll be able to re-direct to a better place before you find yourself planning your exit strategy, instead of a long life together. 

Girl Talk With Jennifer Campbell at 570 News - How To Maintain A Great Relationship

December 5, 2017

What are the things you can do that count the most towards creating a happy, harmonious relationship? Plus, we take a call from a man who asks, "Why don't women on dating websites reply back to me?!" 

What about friends with benefits!? I talk about how that can and can’t work with Angela from 770 News Calgary

November 14, 2017

Have you had friends with benefits? Is it something that works? It depends.