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FREE 7 Minute Meditation by Rich Pendlebury

January 2, 2019

Use this short meditation to help you create a daily habit that will reduce your anxiety, stress, and fear, while opening your mind to deeper introspection and compassion. Download more tracks by accessing our Premium Content here for just .99 cents a track! You'll find:

  • 1 Hour Relax Meditation to give you all the time you need to unwind
  • 1 Hour Love Frequency to get you back into the loving vibes you want
  • 20 Minute Relaxation Meditation so you can rest assured you're getting in your time without checking your watch
  • 1 Hour Abundance Frequency to increase whatever Goodness you're looking to attract
  • 45 Minute Relax and Reset Frequency to help you overcome stressful situations and equip you with more resilience
  • 30 Minute Abundance for your shorter sessions

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